Thursday, 23 July 2015

Lordwin Gate Real Estate introduces First Solar Powered Estate in Nigeria

Lordwin Gate Real Estate has a vision for the property sector. The idea is to meet the needs of both potential property owners and existing property owners. Lordwin Gate, a young but very dynamic real estate firm with strong footprints in the high end segments of the Lagos and Abuja property markets, is well grounded in property investment, development, leasing, renting and advisory services with unwavering commitment to develop the sector using Joint Venture initiative, JV. Uche Ajaere, managing director of the company, explained that the JV arrangement is a win-win situation for both the investor and the landowner because of the backlog of un-housed people. “We have brought awareness to people to make them know that a N10 million property, for instance, with a very good construction on it will increase the value of the property. We encourage people who have property but don’t have anything to do with it or money to develop it to come up with it so that we can help them develop the property. We don’t rely only on building and renting property, but also advise those who have property on what to do with what they have. We really encourage people, communities and government to get involved in joint ventures because it is very rewarding,” he said.  Apart from its Green Wood estate behind Chevron, off Lekki-Epe expressway, Lagos, which is the first massive solar powered estate in Nigeria, Ajaere added that the company would soon build a low cost housing estate that will be affordable for Nigerians. “Our mission is to help individuals who have landed property in choice location manage or build their properties in a profitable manner. “We are also in this business to correct some of the flaws and mistakes that have been made in the property market for a long time. We are working hard every day to bring sanity into the business,” he noted. 


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