Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dear LIB readers; I feel so bad for slapping my wife this morning

  Something that has never happened to me happened this morning. I dated my wife for several years before getting married to her sometime last year. I am temperamental but patient but I have always been able to control my temper when dealing with my wife and I rather walk away or go hang out with friends or have a drink and sleep it off, but today it went beyond limit. My wife can insult Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will slap her.
      Last week I happened to throw some of my clothes in the washing machine with very few of her clothes that she said were in there earlier which I didn't take note and after her arrival from work, the next thing she could say was that I don't have a brain and that is why I could do that. I hate insults and my wife is the type that does not make her point without insults. I  was very angry and cautioned her not to speak with me in that manner again but she kept repeating it and I told her that the day she will talk to me like this and my brain receives it wrongly then she will hate herself. Just this morning it happened again. We were both in the kitchen and we were both about preparing food, apparently she said I shouldn't do something and I told her that its not a big deal if I did it and if I don't see the wrong in it then I won't be able to handle the same incident when it happens again. Then she flew up again saying that I am brainless and I told her to stop it but she continued by saying I have the common sense and its because she has uncommon sense is why she can always detect me being brainless.Yet again I gave my warning to her that she should stop saying such and there will be a day when it will fall on my wrong side. She continued saying I am harmless and I should do my worst. She even dared me into doing anything. She said it several times and I got angry and pulled her shirt to warn her. Then she triggered and started roughing me then I slapped her and she slapped me a few times and I gave her one more and pushed her off. Firstly this is not my character. For me to even fight with a male friend physically, it takes a whole lot, and I can count how many male friends I have had to fight while growing up on just one hand. I actually feel bad for hitting her even though I know the slap is not the normal slap I can give. There was emotions in slapping her but I wanted to prove a point to her that I chose not to ever hit a woman and its not something I can't do. I am writing this because I feel so bad. Do you think I went beyond lines by slapping her? How do I make up for it?
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